Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

Friday afternoon I had my last exam (YES) and I was so excited to come home after it because earlier this week I saw that The Silver Linings Playbook was on TV, so I recorded it because I had never seen it before but I had read the book (which I loved! Click here for my book review).  Anyway I just had to talk to you all about it and let all my fangirlness out!

IMDb Synopsis: After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.

Plot: Having read the book, I obviously noticed the differences and what the excluded from the movie but overall they kept the most important parts and didn’t add anything that changed the movie drastically, and hey, that’s all I ever want for a book to movie adaptations. I totally understand why they didn’t include some little things because movies can’t have every detail of the book. The only pretty big thing they left out was Pat’s father being such a big absence in him and his mothers life, even though he was still in the book, he was in the movie way, way more. But again, that wasn’t a make or break thing for me so I didn’t mind that it was taken out. Also, some of the scenes were straight out of the book and I love it so much when movies do that.

 The Acting: Jennifer Lawrence is sooooo talented it’s insane. She was the perfect Tiffany. Everything she did was perfect, perfect, perfect. No wonder she won an Oscar she was amazing. Bradley Cooper was also a really, really good Pat and I was very happy that Pat was portrayed properly and that nothing was taken away from his character. Jacki Weaver who played Pat’s mom was SO GOOD. She was excatly how I pictured her and ahhh I loved it. Robert De Niro was not how I pictured Pat’s dad but did a good job just the same. Honestly this movie just had such a good cast. 

What I Loved Most: Being a competitive dancer myself I really enjoyed the dance aspect of the film. I loved watching the dance at the end especially. My absolute favourite scene was when Pat and Tiffany were running and came to the diner and Pat said “Do you want to have dinner at this diner?” and Tiffany was like “Pick me up at 7:30.” and then she ran away. It was absolutely hilarious and just how I remembered it from the book. Overall I loved this movie so much and I definitely will be rewatching it soon! 

Have you guys seen this amazing movie!? Let me know in the comments what you thought! And I have tomorrow off (obviously because it’s Sunday) and then also Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off because it’s exam week but I had all my exams last week so yeah I’ll be on all week reading and writing posts! I hope you all are having a great weekend! 



10 thoughts on “Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

  1. This is one of my favorite movies of all time! I actually haven’t read the book yet, but seeing as how you read the book (and enjoyed it) and watched the movie (and enjoyed it as well), I think I’ll definitely have to put the book higher on my TBR 🙂

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  2. I absolutely loved this movie its one of my favorites! Haha i was about to write a review for it too until i saw yours! Have not read the book yet though, but i suspect if i do try and read it i’ll have the actors voices in my mind haha!! Enjoyed your review 🙂

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