Q&A! Get To Know Me!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good week! Thank goodness it’s almost Friday I am getting tired. But I am so excited to bring you my Q&A!

I got lots of questions on my blog post announcing the Q&A and I also asked on my bookstagram so I am going to answer them all for you!

Questions from the announcement blog post: (I will link everyones blog!)

“What would you wish for if you had three wishes and what would be your ideal superpower?” – TheOrangutanLibrarian

If I had three wishes I would wish for unlimited books but also unlimited time to read them all, to live at Disney with my family and to of course, to go to Hogwarts!!!

“If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, which would it be and do you have any siblings?” – Cath @ TrustInTheWords

I would choose not a food but a drink which would be Nestea (I’m pretty sure it’s only in Canada, I know it’s not in the USA) but it’s iced tea but sweeter and I love it so much.

I do have siblings, a little brother and a little sister, my brother is actually the one who took the picture for me in my head image!

“If you could read one more book for the rest of your life, what book would that be?” Louise @ GenieReads

If I could read one more book, I would choose to reread The Deathly Hallows because HARRY POTTER!

“If you could bring one character back from the dead, who would it be and which camera do you use for your book pictures?” Georgie @ GoodBookVibes

Harry Potter spoilers if you haven’t read The Order of the Pheonix yet!!

If I could bring one character from the dead I would bring back Siriua Black because I think he was such a good part of Harry’s life, he needed him and bam he was gone. 😦

I use a canon, I know that but I have no clue which one. (It’s my moms)

“Favourite song? Favourite flower? Favourite phone app? If you watch any tv shows, can you reccomend one, if not maybe a movie?” Aldii @ PerfectionInBooks

Song: All I listen to is Hamilton and I and OBSESSED with all the songs, I have a new ‘favourite’ that I have on repeat every few days but my #1 favourite is Non-Stop because it just has everything.


Phone app: I was going to say Instagram but to be honest I’m mostly on snapchat and the filters amuse me more than in think they should, so snapchat.

TV show/movie: I don’t actually watch tv at all except for some reality shows with my mom, but my favourite movie is Hercules! (The Disney one of course!)

“Inspired by The Trials of Apollo, if you were a demigod, who would your godly parent be?” Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff

Not only because my appearance is exactly how Athena’s children are described as looking, blonde hair & gray eyes, but I am 99% sure the Athena cabin is where I would belong.

“One book boyfriend to marry, who would you choose?” – Becca (without a blog, just commented)

I would choose Levi from Fangirl because c’mon, he’s adorable, and appreciates bookworms!

Questions from my bookstagram: (I won’t link their instagrams, that would take sooooo long sorry haha)

“What’s your all time favourite book?” – @fredi0701

My all time favourite book is The Book Thief! (Harry Potter is my all time favourite series.)

“What book would you like to rewrite and why?” – @merna428

I would choose to rewrite The Accident Season by MoΓ―ra Fowley Doyle with the same idea but not necessarily the same story line and with the characters acting differently. The idea has such potential but I just didn’t prefer the way it was written.

“How do you manage blogging with school?” – @the.sapphire

I try to have 3+ posts a week, at least one being a review but with school (or work if you are out of school) that can’t always happen am I right? I just try to write reviews right after I read the book if I have time and just making time for blogging in general. Now it has become just part of my life so I’m always thinking of new blog ideas and such but writing a post takes time so instead of scrolling aimlessly through social media I’ll just write a post instead. Also my semester right now has a way smaller homework load than last semesters because I used to have math, geography and business but now I only get homework in science sometimes, so that helps
Thank you so much to everyone who asked me a question! I had so much fun doing this and if you have any more questions just eave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them!







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