Hello bookworms! Today is my birthday! I turned 15 and had a great day. I also got A Court Of Mist and Fury (!!!!!) and three more shelves for my room (a lot of other things too).  I had fun at school too, I didn’t have any tests or anything (phew) and I read some of acomaf and drank my beloved Nestea hahaha. Overal it was a really good birthday!

Also yesterday I reached 300 WordPress followers, which is awesome! Thank you guys so much!!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my May 2016 Wrap Up and I read a total of 8 books which is awesome, I’m so excited to talk about them all too because I enjoyed them all so much!

Anyway I just wanted to make this little post, I hope you have a good rest of the day!


54 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me & Thanks For 300 Followers! 

  1. What a great day! Happy birthday and major congrats on the followers – you really deserve it! *throws confetti and hands out virtual cakes and signs the unicorns to jump through the room for their special-birthday-performance* (sorry, I went a little overboard there)

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      1. Yh, blogging took a back seat for a while I was studying so you’re not alone on that front. It’s been nice to catching up on everything and seeing what’s new.

        And good luck with exams! 😊

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