Hey guys! When I’m not reading (and when I’m reading too actually), throughout the school day and even in the shower, you’ll catch me listening to the wonderful, Hamilton. I know, I know, this is a book blog but I just wanted to share with you guys, my top eight favourite songs from Hamilton.

Also, if you haven’t listened to Hamilton, what ????? It’s in Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, basically everywhere. Drop everything and go listen to it!!!!!! And if you don’t know what Hamilton even is, it’s a rap/hip hop musical currently on Broadway that is about on of America’s founding father’s, Alexander Hamilton. Yeah I know it sounds kinda weird, I’m not even from America! But it’s brilliant, 46 songs or perfectness and even if you don’t like rap in particular, there’s a bit of everything in Hamilton, trust me, give it a listen.

I’m also going to put one of my favourite lyrics from the sing at the end of each thing okie dokie!!

#8: Cabinet Battles #1 & #2

Oops this is two songs but THE BANTER BEWEEN THOMAS JEFFERSON AND ALEXANDER makes me laugh every single time, the battles are so funny. “Thomas, that was a real nice declaration.. Welcome to the present, we’re running a real nation.”

#7: Washington On Your Side

I mostly just love rapping Thomas Jefferson’s fast rap in this but it’s an all around good song. “If Washington isn’t gon’ listen to disciplined dissidents, this is the difference: This kid is out!”

#6: Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Ah the melody of this, the lyrics, I love it all, especially the comedic beginning with Lafayette and Hamilton. “Immigrants. We get the job done.”

#5: It’s Quiet Uptown

After a tragic loss why not stick It’s Quiet Uptown in there to make more tears fall down my face. “Forgiveness, can you imagine?”

#4: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

The finale, the heartbreaking end. How could this not be on my list. Eliza’s whole part makes me cry, the end couldn’t have been more beautifully done. “I established the first private orphanage in New York City.”

#3: The Reynolds Pamphlet 

THIS SONG GETS ME SO PUMPED even thoug Hamilton did a bad thing I LOVE THIS SONG. “Never gonna be president now!”

#2: Satisfied

This song is so empowering, Angelica’s rap is spot on perfect (I also am proud to say I know it all, although at this point I know practically the whole musical) and the heartbreaking truth of her and Alex being soul mates but not together makes it even better. “If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned, he’d be mine, she would say “I’m fine” She’d be lying.”

#1: Non-Stop

End of act one, this song has it all. It has reoccurring themes from songs all throught act one, which is mainly why I think I love it so much, there’s a little bit of everyone and everything. It’s also non-stop, like the name implies, being almost 7 minutes long. I just love Non-Stop so much. “Why do you write like your running out of time?”

There’s my top eight songs from Hamilton! It was hard narrowing down the 46 so here’s some honourable mentions:

Guns & Ships (oh man I love rapping this one, ask my friends, I’m not too bad at it either)

Burn (I feel for Eliza when I sing along to this, it’s like Alexander broke my heart too)

You’ll Be Back (Gotta love King Geaorge III)

Wait For It

History Has Its Eyes On You (the first lyrics make me tear up)

Dear Theodosia 

Take A Break

We Know (Reminds me of the fave, The Reynolds Pamphlet hehe)

Have you listened to Hmailton? Wha did you think? Do you listen to any other musicals? And if you aren’t a musical person at all, what kind of music do you listen to?


13 thoughts on “My Top 8 Favourite Hamilton Songs!

  1. Non-Stop is everything! It’s my all-time favourite too 😁 plus Wait for It and Satisfied. Also I don’t know if you watch any of the #Ham4Ham’s but you need to watch The Schuyler Georges if you haven’t already! So glad to find another Hamilton fan ☺ I did a Hamilton Book Tag if you want to have a look. If you fancy it consider yourself tagged!

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    1. Yes I loooooveeee Satisfied !!! I do watch the Ham4Hams and I love the, The Schuyler Georges is DEFINITELY my favourite one !!! I also already did the Hamilton tag but I’ll be sure to check yours out ! Nice to find another fan too !

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  2. I love Room Where It Happens! It was not my favorite, until I saw Hamilton…now I cannot stop listening to it! 😉 I also love Guns and Ships and Cabinet Battle #1, oh and Yorktown…..you can read about my Hamilton adventure on my blog if you are interested. My daughter and I are huge Ham Fans!

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