Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Midnight Release And Reading Experience!

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Midnight Release And Reading Experience!

Hey Potterheads! Last night (July 30th-31st 2016) I had the best time ever at a Harry Potter And The Cursed Child midnight release party at my local Chapters! A lot happened and I got a lot of Potter swag and of course the book too. I read the book right away this morning so I thought I’d go through the night and share with you what I did!

I started out the night in my Hogwarts student costume I put together, with my own wand from Universal Studios and everything:

Me and my mom got there early so everything was just getting set up and started. We checked in and I got a cute little tote bag because I preordered the book:

The whole store was decorated, there were Harry Potter signs in the windows and golden snitches hanging from balloons to appear to be flying, and the best part was that they had Harry Potter music playing the whole time.

Then all the games started, we made a cute bag of “floo powder” and a “potion“. We played a little Quidditch game where you had to try to get two of three balls into one of the three hoops (and sadly neither me or my mom scored, it was kind of hard!!) and we played some Harry Potter trivia, which I of course got all the questions right.

My mom also took the sorting hat quiz and she got Hufflepuff, which is my house too!

My mom and I also bought a few raffle tickets and put them in for a draw for all the props and signs from the evening.

They had little prizes everywhere for people to take so I took a few Hogwarts houses stickers, Harry’s scar tattoos, Fantastic Beats stickers and colouring pages:

The Starbucks in the Chapters was open until midnight and selling Butterbeer Frappichinos, and I of course got one and it was delicious as it was the other times I had it.

Then we looked around the bookstore until finally 12:am came!

Then it was time for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, what we all were waiting for. I was in the ‘preordered’ line but the ‘to be purchased’ line was lined up through the store and out the door.

I was freaking out, I literally gasped when one of the ladies working there took out the first few copies from the boxes, and then, it was in my hands.

The book itself is stunning, I love the colours, especially the gold, ahhhh its just beautiful.

Then I went home and read the first few pages which ripped my heart out:

“All you have to do is walk straight at the wall between platforms nine and ten.”

“Best to do it at a run if you’re nervous.”


Then I went to bed to dream about reading The Cursed Child in the morning hahaha.

And at 8:30am:

I sat in bed for the next 3ish hours and read it through, and it was wonderful, everything I was hoping for and more. I need to see the play asap because I bet it’s stunning.

I laughed so much throughout the book, the dry humour as Scorpius Malfoy would describe it, was hilarious. My favourite character is probably Scorpius, he’s just absolutely adorable, but I’ll get into all my thoughts and feelings when I post my in depth review soon, probably tomorrow. To be honest I feel like I’ll be talking about this book forever now. It’ll definitely high up on my ‘Top 16 Books Of 2016’ list at the end of the year, that’s for sure.

But you are probably thinking that The Cursed Child adventure stops there. NOPE.

Mid day, after I had read the book and thought about it for a few hours, I got a call on my phone. I only answered it because my mom told me too (I don’t really answer my phone if it’s not a number or person I know) but thank goodness I did because it was Chapters.

I won the draw for the huge Harry Potter And The Cursed Child sign. 

They said on the phone that I could pick it up any time in the next week but, of course, my mom drove me and my brother to Chapters to pick it up.

It’ll be a large, but nice addition to along side my bookshelves in my room, and I’m super happy I won the draw, I didn’t think I would!

That’s it for my crazy fun past 24 hours, now, what about you guys?

Did you go to a midnight release for the new book?

Have you bought and read The Cursed Child yet?

Did you love it as much as I did?

Who is your favourite character?

Let me know in the comments and if you did a post about The Cursed Child, leave the link below, I’d love to read it!

The Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Release Party I’m Going To!

This Saturday night I am going to a midnight release party for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child at my local Chapters and saying that I’m excited is an understatement.

I’ve got my book preordered so at midnight I will get it right away and I’ve been planning on going for months!

There is a costume contest (which I’m not necessarily aiming on winning because there will probably be costumes that are way cooler than mine) but I’m going as a Hogwarts student, in a dress shirt and a skirt, my Hufflepuff scarf and my wand from Universal Studios! 

I actually think I might have a heart attack when I get the book in my hands I cannot believe there is going to be a new book in the Wizarding World and I’m almost positive I’m going to cry, so I better bring tissues. 

I read the books when I was 9 or 10, but the books had all already come out so I never got to attend a book release for any of the Harry Potter books, and now finally I can.

There is going to be a trivia game which I know I am going to crush. The Starbucks in the bookstore is also staying open until 12:00am and selling butterbeer!

I know my plans for Sunday will be reading The Cursed Child and I will immediately write a review. But I already know it’s going to be perfect, because it’s JK Rowling who wrote it.

What about you guys? Are you going to be buy and reading The Cursed Child right away? Are you excited for it?

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson Mini Review

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson Mini Review

Title: Nimona

Author: Noelle Stevenson

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 226

Format: Graphic Novel, Paperback

Rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads Synnopsis: 

Nemeses! Dragons! Science! Symbolism! All these and more await in this brilliantly subversive, sharply irreverent epic from Noelle Stevenson. Featuring an exclusive epilogue not seen in the web comic, along with bonus conceptual sketches and revised pages throughout, this gorgeous full-color graphic novel is perfect for the legions of fans of the web comic and is sure to win Noelle many new ones.

Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter with a knack for villainy. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a villain with a vendetta. As sidekick and supervillain, Nimona and Lord Blackheart are about to wreak some serious havoc. Their mission: prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his buddies at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes everyone thinks they are.

But as small acts of mischief escalate into a vicious battle, Lord Blackheart realizes that Nimona’s powers are as murky and mysterious as her past. And her unpredictable wild side might be more dangerous than he is willing to admit.


Finally I’m back with a review! I haven’t reviewed a book in probably over a month, but I have been reading don’t you worry. Last night I read the adorable Nimona. This is also my 100th post on this blog which is AWESOME. WOW. (King George III reference there hahaha). I like graphic novels a lot but I don’t read many of them because I only get them from my school library, but right now it’s summer, so I obviously can’t go to my school library. But the other day when I was at the bookstore I picked up Nimona because I was really interested in it and I had heard it was really good!

I knew Nimona would be a quick read for me and I felt myself falling into a reading slump the past week and half or so so picking up Nimona was a perfect choice to get some reading in but not forcing myself to read a huge novel. The plot was entertaining and fast paced, so I never wanted to put it down. The little humour aspect was also really enjoyable

The character were super enjoyable to read about. Nimona herself was cute and I liked her backstory and how she was a shapeshifter. Blackheart and Nimona’s relationship was also really fun and their little coversations in between all the drama were hilarious.

The art style of the graphic novel was awesome. It was fun and colourful and it made the overall reading experience of the story better.

I really enjoyed Nimona overalls but I think since it was such a quick read and since I read it in one sitting I didn’t get as emotionally attached too the characters as I could have, so I gave it 4/5 stars in the end. But I did really love it and if anyone has any graphic novel suggestions that have a similar enjoyment as Nimona, then please leave them in the comments!

Have you read Nimona? What did you think about it. Did you like the art style? And if you haven’t read Nimona, are you planning to? I would definitely recommend it!

10 Books I Want To Read Before The End Of The Summer!

10 Books I Want To Read Before The End Of The Summer!

Summer is a less busy, and more reading time of the year filled with lots of free time I choose to spend reading. Today I wanted to share with all of you, 10 books I want to read before the summer is up!

#1: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling

Obviously I will read this the second I get it, it’s my most anticipated book of the year! Also I’m going to a release party thing at my local bookstore from 10:00pm to 1:00am so I’ll have to book literally the second it’s out hahaha.

#2: I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I’ve had this book on my shelf for years and I just need to read it ah.

#3: Summer Days & Summer Nights by Stephanie Perkins

I’m about 5 short stories into Summer Days & Summer Nights and it’s not really clicking with me right now. I think I’ll read thus gradually over the summer, reading a short story here and there, because I want to finis it of course.

#4: Lets Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

#5: A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston

Both these books I’ve had on my shelf for months upon months and I’ve also read some of the other books by the authors, so I want to read these as well!

#6: Siege And Storm by Leigh Bardugo

#7: Ruin And Rising by Leigh Bardugo

#8: Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

The rest of the Grisha trilogy and then Six Of Crows as wel is at the top of my tbr. I read Shadow and Bone and really liked it, and I’m trying to get better at finishing the series I start so these are all must reads.

#9: Nimona by Noele Stevenson

#10: Queen Of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

Both these I just purchased (I’m about 1/4 of the way through Nimona and really enjoying it!) and I know that I must read them soon because I was excited to purchase them and I don’t want that excitment to ho away before I read them. Excpected to see one of these, if not both, in my July Wrap Up.

Those are ten books I must get to before the summer ends! What are some books you are planning on reading this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Also for the past week or two I’ve been really bad at reading everyone’s posts because I’ve been so busy at the cottage and a work! So if any of you want me to read your recent posts if they are super interesting or if you know some good posts I might of missed on other peoples blog, leave the links in the comments so I can read them!

Unfinished Series: Part 1

Unfinished Series: Part 1

When it comes to completing series, I’m not terrible at it, but I’m not good at it either. I love binge reading series, but if I don’t pick up the next book immediately after reading the first book, sometimes I have a hard time jumping back into the series.

#1: The Grisha Trilogy

This series is a newer one to the list because I just read the first book in the series recently. I really enjoyed Shadow And Bone, and flew trough it in less than a day, but I haven’t yet been wanting to pick up the next book, even though I have it sitting right on my shelf. I do want to finish the series before the end of the summer though and I want to read Six Of Crows soon too.

#2: The Lunar Chronicles 

I read Cinder again, in less than a day in the summer of 2015 and I loved it… I don’t know why I haven’t picked up Scarlet yet, again, it’s sitting on my shelf. I’m sensing a trend here yikes.

#3: The Mara Dyer Trilogy

The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer trilogy I actually have a reason for not finishing. I read the first book and it very, very good but it’s just a bit much for me. I’m one who gets scared very easily and the first book spooked me a lot so I think I won’t ever be continuing this series, but who knows, if I pluck up enough courage to one day I might.

#4: The Miss Peregrine’s Trilogy

I actually bought the Miss Peregrine’s trilogy last year in the fall nut didn’t read the first book until this year in like March, but I really, really enjoyed it. I have the last two book, but have I read them? Nope. *sigh*

#5: The Mortal Instruments Series

And lastly (well not actually but all that I’ll include in this post) is a series that sooooo many people love. The Mortal Instruments. A few years ago I got the box set of the first four and I read the first three and became disinterested. I think if I would have watched the show I would have reread the first three and then continued on with the series but since I live in Canada it didn’t air on any channels. Also I don’t have Netflix so I couldn’t watch it there either. I’m still super bitter they didn’t put it on tv here though. I feel like I’ll read the rest of this series when the hype is less, because it’s still super popular.

To be honest there are many more series that I have started but not finish, so consider this part one. I’ll probably do part two after in the summer. 🙂

What about you guys? What is a series that you started but never finished, or are you like me and have multiple series you haven’t finished hahaha? Let me know in the comments!

Reading Check Up & Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag!

Hey bookworms, thought you wouldn’t see a post from me this week, well turns out the wifi is working, so here I am!
I really wanted to do this post where I update on my goodreads challenge and also the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag (even thoug no one tagged me) for myself and also to show you guy some of the books I’ve been loving, and not loving, this year.

To start off, I am ahead on my reading challenge, which I’m super happy about. I bumped my goal ten books higher than last year goal of 50, so I was iffy about it at the beginning of the year, but with summer reading, and how good I’ve been doing so far, I’m confident I’ll read over 60 books.

Now, I’ve actually reread Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda twice this year, but it doesn’t count retreads so that’s why I said I’m over halfway, having read 33 out of 60 books. I’m kind of hoping to have my challenge completed by October/November, so the last month or so of the year doesn’t have to be as stressful (last year I was a bit stressed about completing my goal, and I didn’t so I don’t want that to happen again lol). Let’s just hope I don’t have a terrible slump or anything that hinders my reading in the coming months.

Onto the tag!

#1: Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2016?

I found my favourite book this year. I never have had one singular favourite book, when people in the past have asked me “What’s your favourite book?” I always responded with Harry Potter, but in March when I read The Book Thief, I fell in love with it. I have never been so attached to a stand alone novel in my life. It had everything I wanted, absolutely beautiful writing, amazing characters (with development) who I adore, and a compelling story line. I’m just so in love with The Book Thief, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the year it’s in the #1 Book Of 2016 spot.

#2: Best Sequal You’ve Read So Far In 2016?

I haven’t read too many sequels this year so far, but the one that stands out to me most (and stands out on the bookshelf most, because it’s so flipping large) is A Court Of Mist And Fury . About a week before getting acomaf for my birthday I had read A Court Of Thorns And Roses for the first time and it left me dying for more. I still can’t believe I read acomaf in less than a week (I read another book in that week too) and I love love love where the story went. I can’t believe I have to wait almost a year for the next book, I need it now!

#3: New Release You’ve Yet To Read, But Want To?

I actually bought this book a few days ago, before it even came out and that is This Savage Song, which came out yesterday. It sounds super good, and I own a few books by Victoria Schwab, but I brought this one to the cottage and itll  be the first one by her that I read.

#4: Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of 2016?

I didn’t have to think twice about this one, obviously my most anticipated release for the second half of the year is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Guys, it’s less than a month away. I feel like I’ll have a heart attack at midnight at the release.

#5: Biggest Disappointment?

I didn’t really have a HUGE disappointment this year, but I was a bit let down by The Crown. I didn’t have high hopes but I still was sad with the rushed up and not very eventful conclusion to The Selection Series.

#6: Biggest Surprise?

I didn’t really have a HUGE surprise either, but I was pleasantly surprised when I read Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and liked it a lot. I’m also super excited for the movie!

#7: Favourite New Author?

Sarah J. Mass for sure. Everyone talks about how much they looooooooove her and now having read acotar and acomaf I understand the love. I need to read her Throne Of Glass series asap.

#8: Newest Fictional Crush?

I’m not too attached to him yet but I imagine by book three I’ll be all over Rhysand from the amazing acotar series.

#9: Newest Favourite Character?

I always loved Apollo as a character in the Percy Jackson universe but after I read The Trials Of Apollo, I love Apollo even more. He’s just so sarcastic and witty I can’t wait for the rest of his series.

#10: Book That Made You Cry?

A few this year so far, The Book Thief, A Monster Calls and Love Letters To The Dead are just a few.

#11: Book That Made You Happy?

I’ve actually read a lot of darker and sad books, not many happy contemporaries so far, but I just finished First & Then, and it was very cute, especially the ending.

#12: Favourite Book To Movie Adaptation You Saw This Year?

I don’t even think I’ve seen a book to movie adaptation this year, and if I did it didn’t stand out to me enough to remember loving it yikes.

#13: Favourite Review You’ve Written This Year?

Again, I didn’t love any of my reviews enough to single it out, but if you want to check out any of the books I’ve reviewed, click here to see my alphabetical list of all my reviews!

#14: Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year?

Hamilton: The Revolution hands down. It’s absolutely beautiful. Every Hamilton fan needs it.

#15: What Book Do You Need To Read Before The End Of The Year?

Not including new releases in the second half of the year, I need to read Red Queen, I’ll Give You The Sun and My True Love Gave To Me.

How about you guys? What is your goodreads goal, and how far along are you? What’s the best book you’ve read so far in 2016? Let me know in the comments!

Also if you want to add me on goodreads, click here, I always love to see what everyone’s reading!

June 2016 Wrap Up!

June 2016 Wrap Up!

Hey bookworms! I can’t believe it’s already July, the year is halfway over!

Before I leave for the cottage (tomorrow morning)  I wanted to post this because the wifi is currently down there an who knows if it’ll get fixed so I might not be able to post throughout the week. 😦 I’m super sad about not being able to blog all week but I’ll have one up right away when I get home on Saturday. (PS I don’t have posts ready to be punished that’s why I’m not scheduling them to be posted, plus I like being online when my posts are posted so I can answer comments and such) So if I’m not commenting on your posts at al this week you now know why!

But this post isn’t about my absence, I read six books in June and I’m going to share my thoughts with you!

Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

To sum this book up it was everything I wanted, and more. It’s fully of the lyrics of Hamilton, exclusive content and it’s perfect for anyone who loves the musical. 5/5 stars obviously, it’s stunning and I just love it okay hahaha.

A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas

This book was so anticipated by me because about a week before I had read ACOTAR and loved it. I had to wait for my birthday to get this one and straight away started it and it took me almost a week to get through but I enjoyed every single page, 5/5 stars and click here for my review.

Exit, Pursued By A Bear by E.K. Johnson

E.K. Johnson is actually a local author to where I live and I was going to go to her signing but it fell on the same day as my dance recitals so I wasn’t able to make it, but I got her newest book for my birthday from a friend and read it in a day. It was an harder topic but the whole book wasn’t necessarily dark or unenjoyable, it was actually really enjoyable. It was short and sweet but I still got to know the characters and nothing felt rushed, I gave it a 4/5 stars.

Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo

I was really wanting to read fantasy next And Shadow and Bone definitely delivered what I wanted. I also read this in less a day haha and it was fast paced with an interesting plot line and characters to follow. I saw some things that really reminded me of other books, but I’m going to talk about that when I do a series review. Overall I gave it 4/5 starsI really liked Shadow And Bone and can’t wait to continue with the series!

We Are All Made Of Molocules by Susin Nielsen

This quick read was average for me. I was a bit repelled by Ashley, one of the main characters and narrators, she was a total brat. And her brother, Stewart, the other narrator, I didn’t connect with at all and didn’t really enjoy reading from his POV. Overall it was kinda cute, but not my favourite and I gave it 3/5 stars. I really did love Stewart’s cat though hahaha.

Zenith: The Androma Saga #1 by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsey Cummings

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this (idk what to even call it) first part in a four art series. I don’t like si-fi one bit, but I think since Zenith was only 64 pages I got though it before my dislike for si-fi kicked in. I feel like it was hard to get to know the character and the world because Zenith was so short, but I’m actually pretty excited for the next part, so I gave it 4/5 stars (it’ll probably bump down to 3.5 stars sometime) but I enjoyed it loads.

So there you have it, the six books I read last month! Now since I most likely won’t have wifi at the cottage plus all I do there is read anyway, I’ll be reading lots in the coming days. I’ve also got really bad at reviews, I haven’t posted one in so long, so I apologize, I’ll write review for the next few books I read and make sure to post them!

What about you guys? How many books did you read in June?