Reading Check Up & Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag!

Hey bookworms, thought you wouldn’t see a post from me this week, well turns out the wifi is working, so here I am!
I really wanted to do this post where I update on my goodreads challenge and also the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag (even thoug no one tagged me) for myself and also to show you guy some of the books I’ve been loving, and not loving, this year.

To start off, I am ahead on my reading challenge, which I’m super happy about. I bumped my goal ten books higher than last year goal of 50, so I was iffy about it at the beginning of the year, but with summer reading, and how good I’ve been doing so far, I’m confident I’ll read over 60 books.

Now, I’ve actually reread Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda twice this year, but it doesn’t count retreads so that’s why I said I’m over halfway, having read 33 out of 60 books. I’m kind of hoping to have my challenge completed by October/November, so the last month or so of the year doesn’t have to be as stressful (last year I was a bit stressed about completing my goal, and I didn’t so I don’t want that to happen again lol). Let’s just hope I don’t have a terrible slump or anything that hinders my reading in the coming months.

Onto the tag!

#1: Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2016?

I found my favourite book this year. I never have had one singular favourite book, when people in the past have asked me “What’s your favourite book?” I always responded with Harry Potter, but in March when I read The Book Thief, I fell in love with it. I have never been so attached to a stand alone novel in my life. It had everything I wanted, absolutely beautiful writing, amazing characters (with development) who I adore, and a compelling story line. I’m just so in love with The Book Thief, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the year it’s in the #1 Book Of 2016 spot.

#2: Best Sequal You’ve Read So Far In 2016?

I haven’t read too many sequels this year so far, but the one that stands out to me most (and stands out on the bookshelf most, because it’s so flipping large) is A Court Of Mist And Fury . About a week before getting acomaf for my birthday I had read A Court Of Thorns And Roses for the first time and it left me dying for more. I still can’t believe I read acomaf in less than a week (I read another book in that week too) and I love love love where the story went. I can’t believe I have to wait almost a year for the next book, I need it now!

#3: New Release You’ve Yet To Read, But Want To?

I actually bought this book a few days ago, before it even came out and that is This Savage Song, which came out yesterday. It sounds super good, and I own a few books by Victoria Schwab, but I brought this one to the cottage and itll  be the first one by her that I read.

#4: Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of 2016?

I didn’t have to think twice about this one, obviously my most anticipated release for the second half of the year is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Guys, it’s less than a month away. I feel like I’ll have a heart attack at midnight at the release.

#5: Biggest Disappointment?

I didn’t really have a HUGE disappointment this year, but I was a bit let down by The Crown. I didn’t have high hopes but I still was sad with the rushed up and not very eventful conclusion to The Selection Series.

#6: Biggest Surprise?

I didn’t really have a HUGE surprise either, but I was pleasantly surprised when I read Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and liked it a lot. I’m also super excited for the movie!

#7: Favourite New Author?

Sarah J. Mass for sure. Everyone talks about how much they looooooooove her and now having read acotar and acomaf I understand the love. I need to read her Throne Of Glass series asap.

#8: Newest Fictional Crush?

I’m not too attached to him yet but I imagine by book three I’ll be all over Rhysand from the amazing acotar series.

#9: Newest Favourite Character?

I always loved Apollo as a character in the Percy Jackson universe but after I read The Trials Of Apollo, I love Apollo even more. He’s just so sarcastic and witty I can’t wait for the rest of his series.

#10: Book That Made You Cry?

A few this year so far, The Book Thief, A Monster Calls and Love Letters To The Dead are just a few.

#11: Book That Made You Happy?

I’ve actually read a lot of darker and sad books, not many happy contemporaries so far, but I just finished First & Then, and it was very cute, especially the ending.

#12: Favourite Book To Movie Adaptation You Saw This Year?

I don’t even think I’ve seen a book to movie adaptation this year, and if I did it didn’t stand out to me enough to remember loving it yikes.

#13: Favourite Review You’ve Written This Year?

Again, I didn’t love any of my reviews enough to single it out, but if you want to check out any of the books I’ve reviewed, click here to see my alphabetical list of all my reviews!

#14: Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year?

Hamilton: The Revolution hands down. It’s absolutely beautiful. Every Hamilton fan needs it.

#15: What Book Do You Need To Read Before The End Of The Year?

Not including new releases in the second half of the year, I need to read Red Queen, I’ll Give You The Sun and My True Love Gave To Me.

How about you guys? What is your goodreads goal, and how far along are you? What’s the best book you’ve read so far in 2016? Let me know in the comments!

Also if you want to add me on goodreads, click here, I always love to see what everyone’s reading!


19 thoughts on “Reading Check Up & Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag!

  1. Okay, I have a lot to say. Let’s start off by saying that I am tremendously attached to Rhysand, and I’m already having my sister write the eulogy she’s going to deliver at my funeral when I die either soon from waiting for the last book or when I die after finishing the series. And gosh, I love Sarah J Maas too. She’s a brilliant writer. YOU HAVE TO READ THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES EMMA. YOU HAVE TO.

    And I read the first few pages of the Book Thief earlier this year (when I secretly looked through my friend’s copy on a bus) and the way the author writes about death and its point of view and everything, is just so raw and, well, raw. I didn’t know if I’ll be confused or awed, so I didn’t go for it. I feel like every book written by V.E. Schwab is perfect, so I have to read all of them. I currently own A Darker Shade of Magic, but I haven’t read it yet. This Savage Song and Vicious are supposed to be even better, so I want to read them. I know Vicious is Adult, but I think This Savage Song is YA.

    ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG I AM SO STOKED FOR THE CURSED CHILD. Honestly, Emma, if we both die because of excitement (which is very possible) I wouldn’t be surprised. That will mean my sister has to write her eulogy faster 😂 Wow, when I saw the Crown, I was just so surprised. No offense to Cass or anything, but Eadlyn is not a pretty sight IMO. America was pretty, but Eadlyn is just something else. And Eadlyn frustrated me so much! America’s resolve to everything was to cry, Eadlyn’s resolve was to attack Kyle. And all of the boys were just briefed, they weren’t really shown as deep characters, so I didn’t care about any of them. I haven’t read the Crown yet, and with the disappointment the Heir proved to be, I probably won’t anytime soon.

    And about Red Queen? I don’t know that you’ll like that very well if you liked the eloquent, richly written The Book Thief. I personally really disliked Red Queen, the only thing I liked was the ending, and it wasn’t even connected to the story very much. No fluency, no stable plot lines. Literally it was just the main character finding her powers though she’s a Red and taking them in the castle and falling in love with both of the princes. It was boring, and it exemplified very poor writing. So I didn’t like it very much. And I’ve heard a lot about Patrick Ness, I just don’t know that I want to read his books. They sound kind of ordinary? I don’t know, I haven’t read them yet. I might, but I don’t know. My TBR is already sky high! 😵😝 Wow, that was a lot. Heh, great post! I really liked reading it! 💜

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    1. THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENT OMG you are so sweet.

      To start off, I know I need to read throne of glass, trust me I would but the big bookstore in Canada, Chapters, doesn’t have the first two in hardcover in stock, so I’m saving my money from my job this summer and getting them from Amazon because I know I’ll love them !!
      I also have A Darker Shade Of Magic and A Gathering Of Shadows as well, and I’m dying to get to them but I think I’ll be rewind This Savage Song first, I’ll let you know how it is 😀
      The Crown I do have to say was better than The Heir, but wasn’t great, everything felt very rushed. I wouldn’t necessarily bump it up to the top of your tbr, but if you ever need a super fast read, pick up The Crown because you’ll fly through it, I read it in one sitting.
      Ahaha it’s funny you mention that I love The Book Thief and wouldn’t like Red Queen probably because of the writing and I agree with you. I don’t think it’ll be a 5 star book for me but everyone’s read it and I feel like I want to know how I feel about it, so if I’m feeling something easy to read I’ll probably pick up Red Queen.
      I only have read 2 of Patrick Ness’s books, both this year and The Rest Of Us Just Live Here was okay, I was a bit disappointed because everyone talks about how they love Patrick’s books, but then when I read A Monster Calls I realized how everyone loves him, the writing and story is heart breakingly beautiful, I highly recommend reading it !
      As for The Book Thief, I had it on my shelf for YEARS but never picked it up because I was highly intimated by the writing but in March when I picked it up it became my favourite thing. It takes a bit getting used to but once you are 100 pages in its the most beautiful thing in the world. I do say, don’t rush through it, read it slowly and thoroughly. That is how you will get the best reading experience. AGAIN you are too sweet thank you so much for commenting, I love your blog ❤


  2. I cried so hard for The Book Thief its crazy LOL ❤ !! Im happy that you liked Miss Peregrines Children!! Im so excited for the movie thats gonna come out in Fall 2016 🙂 – Trang

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  3. Sarah J Maas has become my fav author too. Love her books!
    The Crown was the biggest disappointment of all, generally the selection series isn’t that good in my opinion (I just started a read along of the selection where I write my thoughts chapter by chapter if want to check out, I’d love to hear your opinion)
    A Monster Calls is an amazing book and I cant wait to see the movie x

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  4. I have a Goodreads account, but had no idea you could set a goal! I used to use Shelfari for that, but I definitely need to get more active on Goodreads. There are so many books you talked about in this post that I want to read! I find it so fun to read about other’s goals!

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  5. Love this post! I’m just about to start reading A Court of Thorns and Roses, and I’m super pumped! Definitely read Throne of Glass when you can, I loved it. Also, I may have to try this tag myself 🙂

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