I Redesigned My Blog!

I Redesigned My Blog!

Hey guys! Since I got back into blogging this month after my little hiatus, I’ve been working on redoing my blog. I still kept the same theme ( I use the theme Independent Publisher on wordpress) but I put a new header image and profile picture up!

As you can see on the top and bottom of this post a also made my own little post starter, I can’t tell how much I like it yet, it feels kinda big, so I might remake it smaller but it’s still super cute.

I’m also going to be doing my thumbnail pictures for all my posts with a similar style (just like the one for this post) which I used to do but fell out of the habit of doing so I’m happy to get into it.

I’m super excited for all of this because it makes me feel like my blog is much more clean, inviting and pleasing to read for all of you guys! It also makes me happy to have it looking nice.

Another little bonus is that, if you are reading my blog on a computer, and go to my home page, you’ll see that I made it so it’s snowing!!!! Check it out, it’s actually so cute and a nice seasonal touch!

That’s all I have to say about the blog ‘redesigning’, it’s not much just a little refresher. I also have a couple of Fantastic Beasts related posts and my November Wrap Up coming up so look out for those!

Fantastic Beasts Movie Review!

Hey potterheads! A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of seeing Fantastic Beasts with my dad and if I had to use one word to describe it, it would be wow. It would be an understatement to say that I exceeded my expectations.

*also this review will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched it, don’t read my review*

I knew that I would be emotional the second it started playing but when Hedwig’s Theme started playing and the Warner Bros logo started flying towards us in a foggy sky I just about died. The Cursed Child gave us a little taste of the Wizarding World again but watching Fantastic Beasts catapulted us right back into the world of magic again, but with even more to absorb and explore.

The classic opening of the newspaper montage gave us a hint of the havoc Grindelwald was causing in England, and I knew that Johhny Depp had been cast as him so I was pumped to see who I think will be the villain for the entire series.

Also can we talk about how with Dumbledore being mentioned in the film and Grindelwalds involvement in the plot, we are bound to see Dumbledore in the upcoming films.

I love the 1920s, and having just finished studying that decade in history class it was so unbelievably awesome to have the movie taking place in New York City, in the 20s. The atmosphere of the city, and the wardrobes just made me happy.

Newt was also such an adorable and awkward main character, I want a 7 book series just on his life please. He was just caring and sweet all his cute Fantastic Beasts ahhh it makes me even happier to be in Hufflepuff because Newt!! Going through his trunk was such a light and fluffy but incredibly interesting part of the movie, and when they were talking about Ilvermorny and Hogwarts I just about died.

Also all the supporting charaters like Tina, Queenie and Jacob were entertaining and supported the plot very well, honestly J.K. Rowling never writes about boring charaters, everyone is so well thought out. I wish we got a novella or an article on Pottermore just about Tina and Queenie’s life before Newt came along and one about Jacob’s life before too. Graves was also mysterious and creepy, his relationship with Credence reminded me of Snape and Draco’s during The Half Blood Prince.

I think I’m a little bias of Credence because I love Ezra Miller so much, but I think his character, and his family, were a perfect add to the story and gave the film an even darker feel. Also with the twist near the end of him actually being the obscurial made it even better in my opinion, especially since we were led to believe it was his sister. Also the empathy I felt towards him was well played on J.K. Rowling and Ezra’s part, I truly felt so bad for him ah. There’s a lot of talk online about his background, and who his mother was since Mary Lou Barebone (that evil woman) referred to her as “wicked, unnatural woman” which I’m assuming means she was probably a witch.

As for the plot, it was engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The climax, with Gindelwalds reveal at the end was awesome, I cannot wait to see more of him in the upcoming movies.

I do have to admit I was a bit teary eyed when Jacob walked into the rain, having his memory erased, but seeing his cite little bakery made me smile, especially with the fantastic beasts pastries!!

I could honestly go on and on about how I loved the movie but to sum up my feelings I am incredibly happy that this movie franchise is something I’ll be able to look forward to in excitment for the next four years and I cannot wait to see where else J.K. Rowling takes us in this new chapter of the Wizarding World.

But as I did say, I have lots more thoughts, theories and things to say about Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, so stay tuned for the two posts I have planned/written, that I’ll post in the next week or so.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a question, have you seen Fantastic Beasts, and if you could summarize your feelings about it into three words, what words would they be?

ACOTAR #3 Title Reveal!

Hey guys, I’m just coming to you with a quick post about the third ACOTAR book because the title was revealed! It’s going to be called:

A Court Of Wings And Ruin!

I’m super pumped about the title and cannot wait for the cover reveal (you can bet I’ll do a post on that too hahaha). This series is one of my favourites and I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

I for one kind of forget the end of ACOMAF though so I better get on rereading that before the release of ACOWAR in May!

If you haven’t read or heard of (which if you are a avid reader or reading blogs and bookstagrams regularly you probably know of the series) A Court Of Thorns And Roses or A Court Of Mist And Fury, its essentially a Beauty And The Beast retelling about a girl named Feyre who is out hunting one day in the forest and accidentally kills a faerie disguised as a wolf which results in the punishment of her being taken and held captive by Tamlin who is also a faerie. The story takes off from there and I do have to say they are some of the most captivating books I’ve ever read. They are huge by so action packed and interesting that I read them in only a few days. If you haven’t picked these up yet I highly suggest that you do.

And if you have read the first book or both of the book let me know in the comments, are you looking forward to the third book? What do you think about the title?

The New Beauty And The Beast Trailer, Posters and More

Hey everyone! I’m happy to be back with another post, these past two weeks have been crazy and exciting, I went to Kalahari (in Ohio), to a leadership conference for school which was amazing (I’ve lost my voice from the three days of constant cheering hahaha) and I finally got to some books I’d been wanting to read for over a year so November has been great so far with lots of fun and reading.

There was a new Beauty And The Beast trailer released a few days ago and I didn’t watch it until a few minutes ago because I knew I’d want to write a post right after I wanted it and all I have to say is wow.

Let’s start off by talking about the official movie posters.

It’s gorgeous. Like I honestly have no idea what to say looking at it. It’s just beautiful, I want it framed on my wall. And I know we got this a bit before the trailer and I saw it all over Instagram but ahhh I just love it.

As for the cast, before even seeing the trailer, as soon as the cast was announced I knew it would be brilliant. First of all, Emma Watson as Belle. I may be a little bias because she’s my Hermione and but Emma Watson is a phenomenal actress in everything she does, I knew she’d portray my favourite Disney princess perfectly. And with the rest of the cast of Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens and more amazing actors and actresses I know the movie will be so good.

It looks like it’s going to be almost scene for scene like the animated film and there are some scenes that I cannot wait to see come to life. The library scene is definitely going to be an ahhh moment to watch because I can relate so much. Also the opening scene in the town and the winter scene when Belle and the Beast are fooling around outside will be amazing to watch as live action.

Also the CGI characters like Mrs. Pots, Chip, etc, look super life like, but it’s Disney we are talking about so of course they do.

And the whole time during the trailer the music in the back just made me want to cry of happiness, I honestly cannot wait for March just for this movie.

As you can probably tell from this entire post I’m incredibly excited for this movie. It’s my favourite Disney princess movie and it being turned into a live action is just amazing.

Are you guys excited for this movie as much as I am? Let me know your thoughts on the trailerĀ in the comments, I’d love to hear if your are excited as me or not!

Help! I Need Recommendations!

Hey guys! So I’m just writing this little post right now for one main reason. I need recommendations for books, in two separate genres specifically.

Firstly, I’ve been really enjoying reading collections of poetry recently and I’ve read a few, Milk And Honey and Whiskey Words and a Shovel, and I’m looking for more similar to that to read. If you know any like those collections, or ones you just think I’d like, please leave a comment telling me the title and author so I can add it to my goodreads! (PS The Princess Saves Herself In This One is already on my radar, they just didn’t have it at my local bookstore the last time I went to it)

And secondly, I’m also looking for YA historical fiction reccomendations. I really enjoy this genre, The Book Thief is my favourite book in the whole world, but I actually haven’t read much from the genre. I also really enjoyed Salt To The Sea by Ruta Sepetye, so if you know any books similar to that let me know!

That’s it for this post, thanks to anyone who gives me reccomendations and I hope you have a good rest of your night !