Hey guys! Since I got back into blogging this month after my little hiatus, I’ve been working on redoing my blog. I still kept the same theme ( I use the theme Independent Publisher on wordpress) but I put a new header image and profile picture up!

As you can see on the top and bottom of this post a also made my own little post starter, I can’t tell how much I like it yet, it feels kinda big, so I might remake it smaller but it’s still super cute.

I’m also going to be doing my thumbnail pictures for all my posts with a similar style (just like the one for this post) which I used to do but fell out of the habit of doing so I’m happy to get into it.

I’m super excited for all of this because it makes me feel like my blog is much more clean, inviting and pleasing to read for all of you guys! It also makes me happy to have it looking nice.

Another little bonus is that, if you are reading my blog on a computer, and go to my home page, you’ll see that I made it so it’s snowing!!!! Check it out, it’s actually so cute and a nice seasonal touch!

That’s all I have to say about the blog ‘redesigning’, it’s not much just a little refresher. I also have a couple of Fantastic Beasts related posts and my November Wrap Up coming up so look out for those!


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