I don’t know if you’ve heard, and frankly if you aren’t a Hamilton fan you probably don’t care but Melissa De La Cruz has a new book surrounding the love of young Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler coming out on April 11th 2017.

Those who read my blog regularly or follow me on goodreads or know me in real life know I am an extreme (which is a understatement) Hamilton fan. So of course hearing the news about this had some thoughts going through my head and I thought I’d share them in a post!

Here is the Goodreads synopsis for the book:

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Witches of East End and The Descendants comes the love story of young Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler.

1777. Albany, New York.

As battle cries of the American Revolution echo in the distance, servants flutter about preparing for one of New York society’s biggest events: the Schuylers’ grand ball. Descended from two of the oldest and most distinguished bloodlines in New York, the Schuylers are proud to be one of their fledgling country’s founding families, and even prouder still of their three daughters—Angelica, with her razor-sharp wit; Peggy, with her dazzling looks; and Eliza, whose beauty and charm rival that of both her sisters, though she’d rather be aiding the colonists’ cause than dressing up for some silly ball.

Still, she can barely contain her excitement when she hears of the arrival of one Alexander Hamilton, a mysterious, rakish young colonel and General George Washington’s right-hand man. Though Alex has arrived as the bearer of bad news for the Schuylers, he can’t believe his luck—as an orphan, and a bastard one at that—to be in such esteemed company. And when Alex and Eliza meet that fateful night, so begins an epic love story that would forever change the course of American history.

In the pages of Alex and Eliza, #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz brings to life the romance of young Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler.

Now with just reading that I’ve got a lot of questions.

This book could either be really beautiful and what every Hamilton book nerd ever hoped for or it could crash and burn and appear in all our nightmares. 

Firstly, is this being based off of real history or Hamilton: An American Musical (2015)?

Significant differences will be in store defending on which of these the book’s inspiration was drawn from. Since the Goodreads synopsis has the identical descriptive words used to describe Alex as are used in the first few lines of the musical, I’m thinking that this is going to be a musical-based book. But then more questions come to mind like: Is Angelica going to be involved? And if she is, how much? Are we going to get a Satisfied-esque scene in the book?

Also, what is the timeline of the book?

If you are a Hamilton fan you know Alex wasn’t the most loyal of husbands and with this book focusing on Alex and Eliza’s love and eventually marriage I’m just wondering if we are going to be given a visit by Miss Maria Reynolds any time while reading. I can see why they might end the book before Alexander’s scandal so it could be a nice happy ending but I personally think it wouldn’t be fair to Eliza if the Reynolds affair was left out. It would make Alex look way better than he actually was and wouldn’t show the hardships Eliza had to go through with her husband having an affair and being blackmailed.

And lastly, will my beloved characters be portrayed properly?

My biggest concern is that Alexander will be portrayed as too nice and that Eliza won’t be portrayed as caring as she was. I could write a multiple page list on why Eliza Schuyler Hamilton was the most carring human in the world (not just based off of how she’s portrayed in the musical, but her in real life) and if she isn’t given credit for that you can bet this won’t be getting a rave review.

I feel really bad for putting so much pressure on the book and setting the bar so high but depending on all of this the book could have a different ending, mood set and overall feel. Hamilton is also such a huge thing in my life and has been for about a year now that I have to be picky, if it doesn’t live up to my hopes it’ll be a bummer or it could be amazing and land itself a spot on my “Best Books Of 2017” list.

Let me know below, are you a Hamilton fan and what are your thoughts about Alex and Eliza: A Love Story?


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