Yes it’s true folks, I made an Instagram for my blog!

I’ve had a bookstagram before so it’s not like I’m completely new to it but I’ve just made one under the same name as my blog to hopefully widen the audience of my blog, and also because I like to take pictures of my pretty books hehe.

SO many people have told me to make a Twitter for my blog but honestly I (might a mention, a millennial) don’t even know how to tweet off my personal Twitter so I thought bookstagram would be a better way to go.

If you guys have bookstagrams as well follow me if you want @ EmmaTheBookLover ❀

Thanks so much, and if you have a bookstagram leave your @ below and I’ll follow you!


32 thoughts on “EmmaTheBookLover is now on Bookstagram?!

  1. Haha, #nosocialmedia for me! I’ve been seeing all these bookstagram stuff, and it’s because me sad because I like books and I want to take pictures of them but 1) the only camera I have is my phone and it is a horrible camera, 2) cameras cost a lot of money and we sort of lost our camera, so that would be first priority (instead of a camera for MEEEEE), 3) #nosocialmedia! and 4) I’m bad at taking booky photos. BUT YAY BOOKSTAGRAM COOL STUFF HOPE YOU HAVE FUN

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