Hey bookworms! How did you sleep? I slept like a baby considering I am finally on summer holidays!

I feel like I might be bragging a bit, since I started yesterday’s post talking about the same thing, but oh well! I am just a happy, happy camper!

Today, I am just dropping a quick little post announcing that I made a bookish twitter! 

This is my second attempt at using another social media platform (other than goodreads) in coherence with my blog, so let’s hope it goes well!

The think I like about twitter is that it isn’t as follower/like driven as instagram, and if you don’t tweet one day, nothing will change where as on insta, if you take a break everything honestly starts going downhill.*

I am super excited to be on twitter though! So much fun happens there, like I only got it yesterday and I already participated in a #IndigoTeenChat with Victoria Schwab, and she replied to my tweet! (I don’t know if this is a normal occurrence or not, but it felt pretty awesome to me 😂) Annnnnnd I also have a whopping 5 folllowers already! LOL

*Disclaimer that was just my experience and what I heard from other people who had similar experiences to me and what I saw happen to other people’s accounts. Bookstagram is great! Just not for me!

Do you have a bookish twitter? If so be sure to follow mine! My username is @EmmaTheBook (Lover wouldn’t fit in the amount of characters they allowed 😡) or click here! I’ll be tweeting reading updates, when I post new blog posts and random book stuff!


28 thoughts on “EmmaTheBookLover Is Now On Twitter!

  1. Ooh, yay! Congrats to getting on Twitter! I feel like I would really enjoy Twitter… but I’m not even allowed to have my own Pinterest account. XD Also, this is random, but would “EmmaBookLover” fit as a username? Because “EmmaTheBook” is a bit… odd. Though I guess we’re all books. XDD

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    1. Thank you Jackie!! That is so good to hear!

      Yeah I tried bookstagram… twice… and I could take pictures, and enjoyed it, but bookstagram is super follower oriented and I wasn’t for me. But so far I LOVE twitter, so I am happy!

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