Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Usually I combine my hauls into my monthly wrap ups, but since June was my birthday month I received a lot of books and bookstore gift cards so I thought, hey! I might as well make a whole separate post to change things up!

So without further ado, here are all the books I acquired in June!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Yes, yes I did buy all 4 of the paperback 20th anniversary editions. No, no I do not regret it.

The Last Boy and Girl in the World

Eliza and her Monsters: I’ve already read and loved this one! A review will be out for it next week!

Illuminae & Gemina: Can’t wait to read these both!

Crooked Kingdom

Vengeance Road


Frost Blood: My current read!

Strange the Dreamer

So those were all of the books I received and bought this month! I can’t believe it is already the end of June! Half of the year is over and I am not even close to beating my Goodreads challenge. Yikes I need to get on that!

What books did you buy this month!? Did we get any of the same ones? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat!

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35 thoughts on “June 2017 Book Haul!

  1. The 20th anniversary editions of Harry Potter are absolutely stunning, I so want to buy them just as well ahah 🙂
    I read Illuminae and Gemina and damn, these books were SO crazy, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about both of these! 🙂 I haven’t read Strange the Dreamer yet, but keep hearing good things about it so I’m eager to know how you’ll feel about it 🙂 Happy reading, Emma! 😀

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  2. Ahhh those Harry Potter editions are amazing!! I neeeeed. And yayy for Crooked Kingdom, I recently reread both of the books in the duology because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. 😂 I really need to read Illuminae! I have a copy but haven’t picked it up yet oops. Such a lovely haul, Emma!

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  3. This is a great haul Emma. When it comes to the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Editions I’m guilty of doing nearly the same thing. I know my Hogwarts House so I only got that Hufflepuff editions but I got the hardcover and paperback because I couldn’t choose between them. 😀
    Some of these are favourite books of mine; the Illuminae Files, Crooked Kingdom, Strange the Dreamer, so I really hope you love them. Also I can’t wait for Eliza and her Monsters to come out in the UK so I can get my copy! 😀

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  4. I LOVE THAT YOU BOUGHT ALL OF THE HP 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITIONS 😂😂😂 I plan to buy one of them but I simply can’t choose!!

    AND YAYYY ILLUMINAE! I’m so sad that you can’t join the buddy read but maybe next time! I still hope you’ll enjoy it if you get around it it ❤️

    And I can’t wait to read your Eliza review! A friend of mine keeps recommending it to me because she thinks I’ll LOVE it! XD

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    1. Yeah I am sad that I can’t join too 😦 but next time!!!

      I literally couldn’t help myself from buying all the HP books! I had a gift card!!!!

      You should definitely read Eliza and her Monsters. It is a fairly quick read and super relatable!

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  5. OMG I AM JEALOUS OF ALL THE BOOKS YOU GOT. And all those #HarryPotter20 editions… 😍 Eliza and her Monsters looks SOOOO good, and Crooked Kingdom was AMAZING! Strange the Dreamer was great — except for the writing style and the insta-love. 😥 And AWWW ILLUMINAE. 😥 I’m still sad that you won’t be able to buddy read with us. But I understand!:D

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  6. I hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Also I know literally nothing about Vengeance Road but I am in love with it because of that cover! I hope it’s as good as it is pretty. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

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  7. OH MY GOSH! I am so jealous that you got all 4 copies of the new HP house editions!!!

    Eliza and Her Monsters sounds good. I recently added it to my TBR – looking forward to your thoughts on it! 🙂

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