EmmaTheBookLover Is Now On Twitter!

EmmaTheBookLover Is Now On Twitter!

Hey bookworms! How did you sleep? I slept like a baby considering I am finally on summer holidays!

I feel like I might be bragging a bit, since I started yesterday’s post talking about the same thing, but oh well! I am just a happy, happy camper!

Today, I am just dropping a quick little post announcing that I made a bookish twitter! 

This is my second attempt at using another social media platform (other than goodreads) in coherence with my blog, so let’s hope it goes well!

The think I like about twitter is that it isn’t as follower/like driven as instagram, and if you don’t tweet one day, nothing will change where as on insta, if you take a break everything honestly starts going downhill.*

I am super excited to be on twitter though! So much fun happens there, like I only got it yesterday and I already participated in a #IndigoTeenChat with Victoria Schwab, and she replied to my tweet! (I don’t know if this is a normal occurrence or not, but it felt pretty awesome to me 😂) Annnnnnd I also have a whopping 5 folllowers already! LOL

*Disclaimer that was just my experience and what I heard from other people who had similar experiences to me and what I saw happen to other people’s accounts. Bookstagram is great! Just not for me!

Do you have a bookish twitter? If so be sure to follow mine! My username is @EmmaTheBook (Lover wouldn’t fit in the amount of characters they allowed 😡) or click here! I’ll be tweeting reading updates, when I post new blog posts and random book stuff!

I Was Interviewed For A Magazine?

I Was Interviewed For A Magazine?

What time is it? SUMMER TIME! 

Yep, that’s right! I am on summer break! I had my English exam this morning and now I am freeeeeeee.

An accurate picture of how I looked running out of my exam^

It kind of hasn’t hit me yet that it is summer to be honest. I kind of just feel like I am on a short break. Plus it is kind of chilly out today, but I’m sure after a few days of sleeping in I will be used to my new summer schedule.

BUT… summer is not what this post is about! I have some exciting news! 

A few months ago, I was interviewed for an online magazine called Stay Bookish!

Exciting right!!!!?

Emily @ emnemilybooks writes the blogger interview page, for Stay Bookish, and I was the first person she ever interviewed for it!!! I was so excited and it was so much fun! 

So, if you want to read a little interview all about me, check out Stay Bookish Magazine!!! And let me know what you think! I am featured in the second issue (the summer one) and the spring issue, which was their first ever issue, is up to read as well!

*I was not sponsored by Stay Bookish in any way shape or form to writ this post, I just honestly had a good time being interviewed!

Emma’s Sunday Sum Up! June 12th – 18th

Emma’s Sunday Sum Up! June 12th – 18th

Hey guys! I’m about to leave for some Father’s Day plans but I thought I’d write my sunday sum up quick!

This past week was pretty bland to be honest. I basically worked on my summatives for school, had a few end of the semester presentations, and am getting ready for exams! The next time I post a sunday sum up (aka next sunday) I will finally be on summer break! Woo hoo!!!!

Amidst all of the school chaos, I did manage to read! I finished Throne of Glass, loved it of course, and started Crown of Midnight. I’m not too far into that but my goal is to get it finished my the end of this coming week.

Last night I celebrated my friend’s birthday with a bunch of my friends! We went to Lush after hours and got to make bath bombs, do face masks and shop! It was honestly the best thing ever!

And if you know me, you would know that I love Lush! I’ve been a fan for years now, from their bath bombs, to face mask, to exfoliators, I love all of their products! Plus they are cruelty free and did minimal packaging which is just a great bonus!

Today, for Father’s Day me and my family are getting together with my aunts, uncles and cousins for a BBQ and to hang out! It’ll be really fun!

Some fun summer things that are happpening, I am going to start bullet journaling in July! I’ve been wanting to bullet for months now but I never had time to set one up nicely, but now I do! I’ve already started my July spread and although I am not the most artistic person ever, I am really having a good time! 

I am also going to have a summer collective journal, which I am going to start as soon as I am on summer break! I am travelling a bunch in the summer so I thought a summer journal would be fun to keep memories in! Also, at the end of the summer I can do a journal flip through post to show you guys!!!

How was your week? Do you like Lush and their products? If yes, what is your favourite product???And do you have any Father’s Day plans? Let me know in a comment, I’d love to chat!

The Days Of The Week Book Tag!

The Days Of The Week Book Tag!

In honour of the weekend, I thought I would do a book tag, (since I haven’t done one in probably a year now 😳). It is the Days of the Week Book Tag!!! It’s a short little tag, that I saw yesterday on Thrice Read, so I thought I’d give it a go!

Monday: A book you’re too lazy to read.

For Monday, I am picking more than just one book, but a series! The Outlander series has been on my TBR for years now, and I even own them all (since my Nana gave them to me!) but have a read them yet? Nope. I mean come on? Some of those books are over 1000 pages!

Tuesday: A book that was hard to finish.

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl was a real tough one for me. I went into it thinking it would be great since there was so much hype around it but came out the other side despising it. And I dragged it on for a while*, reading it seemed like a chore because I certainly wasn’t enjoying myself. 

*looking back now I definitely should have DNFed it. 

Wednesday: A book you haven’t finished.

I rarely ever put a book down without finishing it, like I honestly cannot think of the last book I DNFed, so I am going to go with a series I haven’t finished yet! I mean there are quite a few, but the first series that comes to mind is The Mortal Instruments. TMI is such a loved series, and I read the first three books even before joining the blogosphere, but I never continued. Can’t remember why, but all the hype still hasn’t led me to give the series another go. 🤷‍♀️ 

Thursday: A book you don’t recommend.

The Maze Runner. There are so many better series to read and honestly I liked the movie better than the book. 😳

Friday: A book you can’t wait to be released.

A book that is almost a whole year away from publication, that I am already dying to get my hands on is Leah on the Offbeat! It’s a spinoff of Simon Vs., told in Leah’s perspective, I cannot wait!

Saturday: A book you want to reread right away.

A book that I recently finished but want to dive right back into is Throne of Glass! Good thing I have 5 more books (that are out) to follow up with!

Sunday: A book you didn’t want to end.

The Book Thief, my favourite. From the moment I opened it up to the first page I knew my reader life would be changed. I seriously get teary eyes thinking about my love for that book.

I’m a little rusty when it comes to book tags but I hope you enjoyed the post! I think tags are a great way to talk about a more diverse selection of books, instead of my usual favourites! (Even though I did still mention the all time fave, The Book Thief, it is truly inevitable, I can’t not mention it!!!)

I do want to tag some other bloggers to do this tag since I had so much fun!

May @ Forever and Everly

Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd

Emily @ emnemilysbooks

Beth @ Reading Every Night

Kyla @ seeliepages

And if I didn’t tag you, you should definitely still do this one! It was super fun, and I was never tagged either so! 🤷‍♀️ 

Did I mention any of your favourites (or least favourites)? Let me know in a comment, I’d love to chat!

My Summer Reading Plans!

My Summer Reading Plans!

I feel like I am finally coming to the end of school, projects are due, summatives are done, exams are coming, and I only have four more days of class! It is crazy! And I am crazy excited for summer! 

With summer comes time! I can finally spend a whole day reading/writing/blogging and not have to worry about school work! 

There are a few reading plans/goals I have for summer ’17, so I thought I’d share them!

#1: Read 20 books!

I am SO behind on my goodreads goal… like too far to even admit, so I have to use my time to catch up! I think I read about 15 books last summer, so I thought I’d challenge myself with 20 this year!

#2: Finish the Throne of Glass series!

This month I finally started Sarah J. Maas’s first series, and I want to finish them before Tower of Dawn comes out, and summer is the perfect time! I’m also already on Crown of Midnight so only 4 more after this one!

#3: Start/finish at least 3 more series!

Half of my shelves are full of series that I’ve either started and not finished, or haven’t even started at all, so this summer I need to knock some of them off my TBR! Some choices are:

  • Illuminae & Gemina
  • The Grisha Trilogy & The Six Of Crows Duology
  • The Darkest Minds Trilogy
  • The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy
  • This Savage Song & Our Dark Duet
  • The Miss Peregrine’s Series

And honestly there is more. I NEED to read some of these! 

Those are my three goals/plans for summer reading! Pretty simple but I don’t want too much pressure while summer reading because 1) It is for fun! and 2) I don’t want to fall into a slump!

Do you have any reading plans for the summer? How many books are you planning on reading?

Also, if you love any of the series I mentioned in #3, please let me know! If a lot of people suggest one I’ll read it first!

I am also thinking about doing a little follow up post to this in September, to see if I met my goals, so stay tuned for that!

Emma’s Sunday Sum Up! (On A Monday LOL) June 5th – 10th

Emma’s Sunday Sum Up! (On A Monday LOL) June 5th – 10th

Hmmm my series name doesn’t seem to match up with the day of the week… 

Sorry about that! I hope none of you were on here waiting for a post yesterday and didn’t get one! But better late than never, right?

Last week, (the weekend more specifically) was crazy! 

On Tuesday I finally caved and started Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! Guys, it is amazing. I know, I know, everyone told me I would love it, and quite frankly, I knew I would love it too, but now that I am actually reading it… I love it even more!

I am over halfway through, but didn’t finish yet because of my crazy weekend, but I’ll be sure to finish it this week!

On Friday I went to my cousins high school graduation! It was super fun and I’m so proud of her! She is also moving closer to where I live for college, (she currently lives an hour away but for the next few years she will be just across town!) so I am super pumped for that as well!

Saturday morning I got up bright an early to go take my G1 (or learners permit) driving test! I passed of course and now I can legally drive, with restrictions, of course, but still, I can drive!

From Saturday to Sunday I had a ton of my friends come over to celebrate my birthday! We hung out and had a camp fire and it was so much fun! We got no sleep of course so I am still tired, but it was worth the sleep deprivation! 😂 

Overall last week was awesome for me! And I only have 7 more school days until summer! 

Did you have a good week? Did you start or finish a good book? Let me know In the comments, I’d love to chat!

Blogger Interview: Zuky @ BookBum

Blogger Interview: Zuky @ BookBum

Hey bookworms! Today I am here with a super excited post! It is my first blogger interview! 

I mentioned how I was going to start doing interviews with some of my favourite book bloggers about two weeks ago in my post “Some Changes Are Happening“, and now that I’ve got all my questions and figured out my layout for these posts set, I will be interviewing a different book blogger about once or twice a month!

I hope you guys enjoy these, I think it is a great way for me to connect with my fellow bloggers, and for you guys to find some new awesome blogs!

The first blogger you are going to get to know is Zuky from BookBum!

My name is Zuky, I’m 20 and from the UK. I have two little doggos, who are my absolute everything… oh yeah, and I’ve have a boyfriend of 4 years too… I’m, obviously, hugely into reading, but I’m super picky about what I read! I love mystery, crime and thriller novels and I’m also a massive fan of horror, but it can be so tricky to get right. I have very little other interests other than reading, but I do enjoy a good movie & TV shows every so often.

When did you start blogging, and what inspired you to do so?

I started my current blog in January of this year (I had another one before that, but it wasn’t on a community website like WordPress so I didn’t have any followers or comments etc). What intially inspired me to start blogging was just that I wanted a place I could call my own, where I could voice all my thoughts and opinions. I liked using Goodreads for my reviews, but I wanted a more flexible place to do my own thing. I also love the design aspect of blogging, so that inspired me to create my own site too.

Is there a book/series that got you into reading? If so, what book?

Yes! The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North was the book that got me back into reading after I finished school. It opened my mind to realising there was so much good literature out there to explore, rather than it just being the same old droll that we were made to read in English classes.

Do you have any auto-buy authors?

Yes, I have a couple. I auto-buy anything from Stephen King if I find his work in a charity shop or secondhand book store. I have also auto bought M. R. Carey’s last two books after only having read his first!

What is one book that you would recommend to anyone, reader, or not?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is my go-to answer for this question. It’s such an amazing piece of literature, and with such an important message too. It’s one of those books everyone should read before they die.

What was the last book you added to your goodreads TBR, and why did it spark your interest?

Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber. It sparked my interest because a Goodreads friend had added it to their own TBR, and the synopsis, which called it a “twisty psychological thriller” sounded like something I’d enjoy.

Do you prefer physical books or e-books?

I much prefer physical books. There’s something nice about holding the book in your hands while you read. I do like ebooks though, especially since getting a Netgalley account and having to commute to work by train everyday.

Do you have a favourite genre? Why do you like it so much? Can you give me a book recommendation from that genre?

My favourite genre is definitely mystery. I like thrillers and I like horror too, as close second and third genres, but there is something about mysteries that really interest me. I like that they don’t always have to be based around a crime. They can often be subtler to the reader than just having murders as the main plot point and they can also be really creepy, which is something I love, as big horror fan. Oh, I could be here forever with recommendations, but I’ll say Sometime I Lie by Alice Feeney, as that’s been a recent 5 star mystery read of mine!

What is the next book you’re planning on reading, and why?

I never keep to a tidy reading schedule so it’s hard to say for this one. I have A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris to read from Netgalley and me and fellow book blogger Janel @ Keeper of Pages are planning to do a buddy read of Between You and Me by Lisa Hall, so I’ll probably start that one soon.

What hobbies do you have other than reading?

Honestly, not an awful lot! I like watching films, but I’m nowhere near as into it as I used to be. Does watching YouTube count as a hobby? If yes, then that’s probably my only other hobby outside of reading and blogging! I don’t really watch any BookTuber’s, I like the gaming channel FunHaus, beauty channels like Tati (GlamLifeGuru) and Drea CN, and then other random channels like iDubbbzTV and h3h3. 

If you could have dinner with any book character, who would you choose, and where would you eat?

This is a really tricky question! Maybe Atticus Finch, from TKaMB, and I feel like I’d need to take him somewhere reasonably fancy, but also humble, so maybe a small family owned Italian restaurant… I feel like he’d like Italian food.

Now that you have got to know Zuky a bit make sure you go and follow her blog! Although we have very different reading tastes I thoroughly enjoy all of her posts, meet the bloggers, and reviews!

I actually reached out to Zuky asking her if she wanted to do an interview, and we did one about me for her blog too, so don’t forget to check that out as well!
Also, I you would like to be interviewed for my blog, or interview me for your blog, don’t hesitate to contact me on goodreads, or by email! (EmmaTheBookLover1@gmail.com)