Review Policy


I am currently accepting ARCs (advanced reader copies), eARCs and finished copies. If you were interested in contacting me please email . All my reviews are my honest opinion.

Genres I am interested in:

Young Adult:


Historical Fiction




Adult Fantasy


How I review books:

Five Stars: I absolutely loved every part of this book!

Four Stars: I really enjoyed reading this book!

Three Stars: I had some problems while reading this book but it was still enjoyable to read while it lasted.

Two Stars: This book was a little bit hard to get through because I had a lot of problems.

One Star: I had a lot of problems with this book, almost too many to even feel the need to finish it.

DNF: I didn’t even finish this book.

If I enjoy the book you send me, believe me I will promote the heck out of that book! But if I don’t enjoy it so much I will post my thoughts on it (in a nice way of course) and leave it at that!